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Esteban Escobar aka Steven Escobar Receives Humanitarian Award at the 2012 International Noble Awards

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On Wednesday, April 25, 2012 our parent company Diversity News Publications announced that our own Diversity News Magazine Executive Editor-In-Chief Esteban Escobar (Journalist, reporter, editor, columnist, writer, producer, director, publicist, radio personality, accounts receivable specialist and philanthropist) aka Steven Escobar received Humanitarian Award at the International Noble Awards 2012.

Steven Escobar received his award at Kundirana 2012 Gala Concert & International Noble Awards Event benefiting World Medical Missions and De La Salle’s Bahay Pag-Asa. The event was held on Sunday, April 22, 2012 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at The Celebrity Center located at 5930 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028. The masters of ceremonies were Norma Jean Eustaquio and Lisa Cadano. General tickets for the event were $10.00 at the door.

“Thank Lou Baron president of Celestial Productions and producer of Kundirana 2012 Gala Concert and The International Noble Awards for my award. Thank you to Molly Hollywood for coming to cover event for Diversity News Magazine and oh course Thank you to Kitty Pleasant for coming to support me, Thank You all for the congratulations messages, calls and text messages, thank you to my publicist Alex Leon of World Wide Vital Marketing and Public Relations, also thank you to all the media/press the came to cover the event for their outlets and if I forgot any one please accept my apologies.” Said Steven Escobar.

The event will featured red carpet arrivals, beauty queens, live entertainment, memoriam tribute for the loss lives and the awards presentation to honor leaders and talents in the community. Some of the entertainers were Vangie Crowther, Angelique Cobilla (Little Miss Kundirana 2012), Shay Louise, Ella Tesoro (Celestial Beauty 2010), The Classic Harmony, Payal Wadhawan (Miss Indian 2011), Chenza Puno, Christine Love, Queenie Navarro and oh course Kundirana (Batch 2012 of La Salle).

Hit recording artist Fawn said, “I am so happy that The International Noble Awards recognized Steven Escobar this year for their 2012 Humanitarian Noble Award. Steven has supported HIV/AIDS Awareness and been fundraising for this important cause for years, bringing important issues close to us all with his press coverage and philanthropic work.” Fawn continued “I’m thrilled is finally being recognized for this.” said Mary Ann Omega, Vice President Of The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles.

The 2012 International Noble Awards Hosts were Stephanie Baron, Denise Aleman, Adi Rodriguez, Jayme Lizaso, Joanna Chao and Princes MZR.

“I am very proud to be a part of DIVERSITY NEWS and all it’s various activities. Steven Escobar, our fearless leader, helps us to raise thousands of dollars every year for people in need. Through his organizational skills, we give in many ways to many situations. Many of us want to give back to our communities, but don’t have a clue what to do. Steven makes giving fun and he always spells out the situation so that we feel good about doing whatever it is we’re doing. GOD BLESS STEVEN ESCOBAR and Diversity News !! With Respect and gratitude,” said Cynthia Manley (Singer/songwriter/entertainer).

The 2012 International Awards Awardees are: Queen of Peace Rosary Group for Selfless Generosity & Service to the Kundirana Mission for 20 years, Loida Barrientos for Community Leader Award, Rose Chua for Outstanding Service & Generous Contribution to Community, Arnold Garcia for Outstanding Songwriter/Producer, Dr. Kim Diana Le for International Noble Awards for Philanthropy, Boy Lizaso for Quintessential Community Leader, Andy Edralin for Outstanding in Journalism, Lala Usis Scott for Outstanding Community Leader & Mother of the Year, Benny Uy for Creative Award & Outstanding Photographer, Precy Uy for Humanitarian Award, Malou Bonus for Outstanding in Business, Ryan Arciaga for International Noble and Steven Escobar for Humanitarian. (Video link http://blip.tv/diversity-news-tv/presenting-the-2012-international-noble-awards-awardees-at-kundirana-concert-gala-6111218 feel free to EMBED if you need more videos visit our Blip TV channel at http://www.diversitynewstv.blip.tv).

“Steven, I believe your Humanitarian Award was because of your passion and dedication in the AIDS WALK LA year after year for the HIV/AIDS fundraising, awareness and prevention. I am an advocate of this cause. Congratulations Steven”! Said Mary Ann Omega, Vice President Of The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles.

The 2012 Kundirana Concert & International Noble Awards Event benefiting World Medical Missions is a production of Celestial Productions. Lou Baron, Executive Producer and is a community leader, philanthropist, and president of Celestial Productions.

About Esteban “Steven” Escobar:
Esteban A. Escobar (born in El Salvador, Central America on September 6th) is an American (journalist, reporter, editor, columnist, writer, producer, director, publicist, radio personality, accounts receivable specialist and philanthropist). Esteban is known as Steven Escobar. He is the Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine, an online & special print consumer news magazine that is visited by close to two million visitors a month while growing each day. Esteban “Steven” Escobar is also Producer, Director of Diversity News TV, the host of Diversity News Radio, on Air with Steven Escobar and the President of Diversity News Publications, a news/entertainment multimedia firm in Hollywood, CA. Steven Escobar owns E.E.Enterprises and an affiliate of The Diversity News Family of Companies.

Steven Escobar is also the official Hollywood and Los Angeles County Events Examiner for Examiner.com and contributor for Yahoo.com distributed via Yahoo Voices. Steven Escobar also gives back to the community by helping charities, and since 2003 to the present, he has been raising money and awareness for AIDS Walk LA benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. Also in 2011 Steven Escobar raised money and awareness for The Life Group LA and volunteered for Exotifit For Humanity and The Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Steering Committee.

Steven was nominated for The Shorty Awards 2011 and People’s Choice Fan Award 2012. Steven Escobar currently resides in Los Angeles County in the City of Hollywood, CA. For more information visit http://www.stevenescobar.blogspot.com/ orhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm4164655/


About Kundirana:
Kundirana is a high-school Music Ministry. As its members are part of a select few students that come from La Salle Green Hills. Aside from just being a simple singing group and music ministry. Kundirana also has the distinction of being the most famous high school singing group in the Philippines.[1] For more information visithttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kundirana 

About Celestial Productions:
A Stellar Creation/Celestial Productions creates stellar events that showcase and honor leaders and talents in the community, while benefiting local non-profit organizations through the funds we raise. Celestial Productions is the proud producers of The International Noble Awards, America’s Celestial Beauties, America’s Celestial Adonises, America’s Timeless Beauties, Special Celestial, Miss International Kundirana and Lady Dame Kundirana. For more information visit http://internationalnobleawards.wordpress.com

About World Medical Missions:
World Medical Missions is a non-profit organization which has committed the last twenty-three years into caring for the sick and impoverished people of the Philippines. The team is composed of a number of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and volunteers who donate their time and services on a yearly mission to rural villages in the Philippine Islands, where they spend three weeks providing 24-hour medical care to people who have been denied access to the country’s struggling healthcare system. Knowing that entire communities whose health conditions continue to worsen have been left behind and ignored, the World Medical Missions seeks to share healing and hope.

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Lou Baron, President
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 Photos credit to: Mollywood Photography for Diversity News Publications
Source: Diversity News Magazine

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please post press release or mention event in your magazine, website, radio and tv and if you would like more information contact Alex Leon via email at worldwidevitalpr@gmail.com  Also please email us any links of clip of the coverage post. Photos credit to: Mollywood Photography for Diversity News Publications. Thank you.           

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