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Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine Statement on Maria Amor Slander

Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine Statement on Maria Amor Slander, Personal Attack, Humiliation, Discrimination and Defamation to Steven Escobar, Mexicans and Rasheed Rashad Smith winner of Mr. Perfect Creatures 2011.

Hollywood, CA — Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine releases the following statement on Maria Amor Discrimination to the Mexican community and Slander, Libel, Personal Attack, Humiliation, Defamation to Steven Escobar and Rasheed Rashad Smith winner of Mr. Perfect Creatures 2011: We are so concern and shock the Maria Amor Torres aka Maria Amor known as running an organization like Exotifit For Humanity will go so low and who went on public online low range Television to Slander, Attack, Humiliate and Defame people who worked with her in the past.
Mr. Escobar neither Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine intentions are to insult the Filipino community in Southern California or abroad. The real side of the story and what really happened was all twisted around by Maria Amor, Maurice Dwayne Smith  and her followers.

Maria Amor birthday was advertise as a red carpet event where everything is expected to be formal event and in our case we were corporate sponsors where she promise things to us that she did not deliver or her people did not treat our people with respect and dignity.
Also presuming the Mr. Escobar is Mexican and telling him to go back to Mexico the is an insult to the Mexican community who have contribute so much to this country. Also attacking Mr. Rasheed Rashad Smith because she do not like him or his people is not right.
We already have contacted and taken the appropriate steps to stop Maria Amor on her attacks and the is proof of when we contacted the CEO and Owner of Global TV where they do not allow any personal attacks on their television network. Also the audio and video clips where Maria Amor offends the entire Mexican community have been forwarded to them for possible action.

We at Diversity News Publications respect Ms. Amor opinion as well we do to our own Steven Escobar who was only speaking and writing his opinion on his own blog. StevenEscobar.Blogspot.com he writes about his things happening in his life and it no way is using the medium to connect us on whatever he does during his own time when he is not on Diversity News Magazine assignment. Ms. Amor allowed Maurice Dwayne Smith to brain wash her and twist the real thing. We strongly stand with our people who contribute to Diversity News Magazine and the entire Diversity News Publications Family of Companies. We will not tolerate any slander, humiliation, defamation, attacks on our people. So we are officially asking Ms. Maria Amor, Maurice Dwayne Smith and the rest of her entourage to Cease and Desist.
We trust that Ms. Amor will be content to allow this issue die with this statement. She do not need to contact us or Mr. Escobar regarding this matter. Nothing herein is open to debate or discussion. You have now been duly advised as to our position. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

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