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Leon, Dr. Valinsky, Manley and Bedrosian named Diversity News Magazine National Advisory Board of Directors

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On Saturday, May 26, 2012 Diversity News Publications announced Alex Leon, Dr. Mark Valinsky, Cynthia Manley and Ingrid Bedrosian named Diversity News Magazine National Advisory Board of Directors for the term 2012 to 2015.

“Working with Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications is a win situation for our firm because we work hard like a team to promote each other clients, services and brands.” said Alex Leon, VP of Development & Director of Marketing and Public Relations from World Wide Vital Marketing and Public Relations.

The Board of Directors are other business individuals who helps our company, including our publications been respected all over the world. They provide incentives to our readers and create strong partnerships to help both corporations in a beneficial mutual.

“It’s always nice to be part of a group of people doing something more than an individual can do alone. I am proud to serve on this great publication.” said Cynthia Manley from Purple Music. “We provide communication, support, and opportunities to our community, and I hope to continue on this path.”Ms. Manley concluded.

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to advise, oversee policy, activities and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Diversity News Magazine so as to support the organization’s mission and needs. 

“As owner/chef of Ingrid’s Tapas Bar & Grill, I would like to make sure that my participation in Diversity News Magazine Board of Directors be a special touch to all the events, special/important causes and to assist improve the Magazine with sharing as much as information I can.   I always appreciate Diversity’s support in my business and would I’ll do anything in my power to support back.” said Ingrid Bedrosian, owner/chef at Ingrid’s Catering Wholesale.

Currently, some of the fine advertising organizations working with Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications are Google AdSense, Google Affiliate Network, Rakuten LinkShare Corporation, Chitika, Inc., ShareASale, media.net, MGM Resorts International, Advertising.com part of AOL Advertising.com Group and many more. Also Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications have affiliate partnership for content with the following news and entertainment leader companies such as MediaMax Online via EPK TV, The Miss Universe Organization, ABC Television Network, CBS Television, NBCUniversal, Inc via NBCUniversal Media Village, Fox Broadcasting Company via Fox Flash, Summit Entertainment and many more

About Diversity News Magazine: Is an award winning consumer news magazine covering News, Entertainment, Fashion, Features, Awards, Movies, Concerts, Sports, Red Carpet Events and much more. It is another venue for advertisers to advertise their products or services on the Classified and Display pages. The purpose of the magazine is to educate and inform its diverse community world wide and focusing on local, national, and international News, Entertainment, Features, Sports and, more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our audience. In 2009, Diversity News was nominated for The Wake Up Award, The WEHO Awards and on April 2011 received Exoti Media Award. For more information visit http://www.diversitynewsmagazine.com

About Diversity News Publications: Founded in 2003 Diversity News Publications, is a news/entertainment multimedia firm specialized in Advertising, Design, Marketing, Printing & Public Relations services who combines all sources in one. Diversity News Publications is the publisher of Diversity News Magazine and owns Diversity News TV, Diversity News Radio, Diversity News Productions and many more. For more information visit http://www.diversitynewspublications.com and www.diversitynewspublications.blogspot.com/

Alex Leon, Director of Marketing & PR                             
World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations Inc.
TEL: (213) 321-9408
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Editor’s Note: Please publish press release in your magazine, newspaper, website, radio and TV.  If you any questions or would like more information contact Alex Leon at (323) 465-3945.

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A Night Of Moroccan Magnificence at Ingrid’s Cafe in Beverly Hills‏, CA

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Fawn & Ingrid Bedrosian of Ingrid's Cafe By JR, Special For Diversity News Magazine
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It was a night of Moroccan Magnificence Saturday evening, April 9, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California as Ingrid’s Cafe’ rolled out the red carpet for all their customers. The event was graciously hosted by Hit Recording Artist and Singer/Songwriter Fawn, whose song “Wish U Love” went to #6 on the Billboard Dance Charts and won the JPF Music Award for Dance Song Of The Year.

“Our Moroccan Dinner Night was a great success! Special Thanks to Steven, Celebrity Fawn, and Maria Amor , Founder and President of Exotifit for Humanity and Exotifit International/Beauty Pageant Mogul. Awesome Night” said Ingrid Bedrosian, Ingrid’s Cafe Owner & Chef.

Running from 6-10pm, and some of the red carpet arrivals, photos and interviews included Maria Amor and all of the Ms. Exoti Lady World Pageant 2011 Candidates, Singer/Songwriter Fawn, Writer, Book Author, Modeling and Pageant Coach Jennifer Ross-Kilgore, Actor, Producer and Dr. Mark Valinsky, TV personality and host Joey Valdez, acclaimed publicist Steven Escobar, celebrated chef Ingrid Bedrosian and pageant contestants Ms. Exoti-lady USA Christine Ames, Ms. Exoti-lady Philippines Maricris Bautista, Ms. Exoti-lady Canada Lucie Volotzsky, Ms. Exoti-lady El Salvador Marie Bogacz, Ms. Exoti-lady Hungary Monica Farah, Ms. Exoti-lady Ukraine Elaina Berman, Ms. Exoti-lady Iran Samira Chatila, Ms. Exoti-lady America Dr. Linda Selvin, Ms. Exoti-lady France Sohelia, Ms. Exoti-lady Washington USA Nikki Storm and Ms. Exoti-lady Malasia Mercy Alpert.

After the interviews and arrivals, dinner was served with a short welcoming introduction by Fawn who thanked every one for coming. The dinner portion of the evening began with a traditional Moroccan hand wash in rose pedal water with the special water poured from a stunning solid gold Moroccan tea pot. The food included an appetizer, main course and desert with tea. During the dinner, Fawn presented a 5 Stars Sponsor Award from Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications to Chef & Restaurant Owner Ingrid Bedrosian for outstanding food, customer service, participation and community support to other local businesses, owners and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Linda Selvin who is representing Ms. America in the Exotifit Pageant stated that she “came out to support Ingrid and her cafe’, Maria Amor and Fawn who I adore and her music.” She went on to say that if she won the Exotifit pageant, she would “continue to do the work I already do on radio and in my private practice which is enlightening and helping other people grow in a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional way and to help integrate growth, stability and peace within themselves to help make a better world starting within themselves.”

Ms. Exoti-lady Ms. Malasia Mercy Alpert, said “Ingrid’s Cafe is such a beautiful place and we’re having a delicious Moroccan meal, I am enjoying myself-the food it is delicious and healthy.” Ms. Hungary Monica Farah said she was excited to come out because it was her first time to taste Moroccan food and her first time being in a pageant. Ms. El Salvador Marie Bogacz said that if she won the pageant, she would “like to help hungry children and children who suffer from cancer.” She went on to say that “It is close to my heart because of my nephew who is suffering from a low immune system.”
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About Ingrid’s Cafe’:
Ingrid’s Bistro has been in business since 2006. It is truly dream the come true for Ingrid Bedrosian to have a petit Chateau where she can share her passion with her guests. Ingrid started with catering part-time while working in the Corporate World and Entertainment Studios full-time. She always dreamed and planned to one day have her own business and it happened in August of 2006. Her joy of cooking and baking for others is unlimited and you can taste the labor of love in every bite. All products are fresh and organic and arranged very elegantly.

The restaurant owner has catered to well known celebrities who have dined at her bistro. She has made her place into a very European comfort for everyone. It has truly become a hidden but known place in Beverly Hills in such a short time. For more information visit http://www.ingridscafe.com/ or http://www.ingridsbistro.com

About Fawn:
Fawn is an award winning recording artist and songwriter. Her song “Wish U Love” made it to #6 on the Billboard dance charts and was nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Fawn’s songs have been heard in The Natalee Holloway Story, Ugly Betty, Young and The Restless and many more. She won 2 coveted JPF Music Award For best Dance album and best dance single, and her song Wish U Love made it into the top 150 hit dance songs for 2009. He music video of the same song remained in the top music videos for 5 months on MTV’s Logo Channel. For more information about Fawn visit her official website at http://www.fawnmusic.com

Photos credit to: Daniela Hubbard from Daniela Hubbard Photography and PRPhotos.com
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Editor’s Note: As of date of this story Ms. Exoti-lady America Dr. Linda Selvin is no longer part of the Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 competition. We wish her good luck in her career.

Mark Valinsky, Actor Producer Interviewed On Millionaire Mindset; Being An Entrepreneur

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Dr. Mark ValinskyOn Friday, December 17, 2010 Prestige Image PR announced that Dr. Mark Valinsky, doctor, actor, producer, photographer, author, black belt and more, was interviewed on the HealthyLife.Net Radio Network show “The Millionaire Mindset” by creator Jim DeCicco. The topic, “Entrepreneurship – Focusing and Branding Your Creativity”. The radio interview was done on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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During the live interview Jim asked Mark Valinsky how as a multi-talented entrepreneur you can stay focused in multiple careers, properly brand yourself and communicate to your public without confusion.

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To listen to the online radio interview go to: http://view.liveindexer.com/ViewIndexSessionSLAO.aspx?backTo=ViewEvents&indexSessionSKU=kJmzT8A4PFcm%2bwX7WfVGcA%3d%3d&origin=ViewCategories&siteSKU=a9zxHN90HbiGCCKkIudBVg%3d%3d&categorySKUs=ZSRioyaN3r/zr45dNmNaeg%3d%3d&categorySearch=categoryAll&

Jim DeCicco is the show’s creator and host www.mm4artists.com who also has a creative career which includes being an award winning musician, music producer, and entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Jim’s creative work has garnered over a dozen industry awards for independent artist production in addition to studio work with many well known recording artists. Jim’s unique combination of metaphysics, simple business techniques and “street sense” has inspired hundreds of artists and professionals into greater success in not only art, but also in their finances, their relationships and their health.

In 2005, the HealthyLife.Net Radio reached an audience size of 8,522,455 listeners. HealthyLife.Net continues to grow in worldwide audience to 108 countries and now reaches 1,240 cities in all 50 U.S. states in America. HealthyLife.net is syndicated to 52 channels of distribution and simulcast 24/7.

Mark Valinsky

“A creative artist while in medical school Mark helped institute and develop the video teaching lab where he was a producer, cameraman and editor on 12 teaching videos. In the years following his graduation in his career as a surgical podiatrist, Mark helped advance many of the philosophies and techniques of Minimal Incision (Minimal Traumatic) surgery as applied to the foot far before it was popular and has 8 published researched papers. He has also traveled throughout the United States and the world lecturing, including to Madrid, Spain and five visits to the People’s Republic of China.” Wrote Olga Lindsay on Mark Valinsky IMDB.

Something was missing and Mark wanting more out of the rest of his life so he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion of producing, acting and photography.

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Mark ValinskyOnce while talking with Tom Cruise, Tom asked Mark why he would give up being a successful doctor and switch careers to act and produce, Mark’s answer to Tom, “You’re having too much fun without me”.

With a great respect for classic Hollywood Mark is interested in all aspects of the film and television industry. Mark brings to the entertainment field a certain degree of professionalism and determination along with a good mixture of mid west friendliness, dependability and ethics combined with a proper dose of East Coast aggressiveness, plus a natural pursuit of determined excellence to get things done.

Because of their accomplishments in many fields, Mark points out his respect and admiration for people like Clint Eastwood well known and respected for his many diverse talents – politician, composer, musician, film director, producer, and actor.

Mark has initiated Valinsky Media Group http://www.ValinskyMediaGroup.com who has a number of divisions integrated in performing professional services in Public Relations and Marketingfor select clients, involved in the Entertainment Business as well as the financing and production of films.”

While many believe a secret to success is to do one thing well, Mark Valinsky feels you can also be successful by doing the many things you are passionate about and doing them well. The statement “A jack of all trades, a master of none.” really doesn’t always apply, nor should it.

Mark Valinsky at the Golden Globes Awards


He uses a few examples and states: “Can you imagine what would have happened if someone convinced Leonardo di Vinci that “Leonardo, maybe you should just paint and forgot about all these other crazy ideas that pop into your head.”

Or to Thomas Edison, considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1,093 US patents in his name, “You know Tom, the phonograph was enough.” Or to Clint Eastwood; “Clint I like your acting, Why don’t you forget about your production company, music composing and directing? You’ll never win an Academy Award if you try too many things.”
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About Mark Valinsky:
Mark Valinsky, legal name Mark Steven Valinsky is the eldest of 6 children was born in Chicago, Illinois to Harry and Beckie Valinsky. When he was 5 years old his family moved back to his parent’s hometown of Rochester, New York where he was raised. While back in high school Mark produced a number of events, and would also act and make films with his friends, but his love for imagery creation came about from a visit to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT where he first met and was shown the research lab of the world famous, Professor Harold Edgerton, who did pioneering research in stroboscopic (stop action) photography (the bullet through the apple and playing card).

Mark went off to college at Ohio State University, later to S.U. N.Y. at Buffalo, and finally back to Chicago, Illinois to earn a Bachelors of Science degree and Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine from The Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine.
During and shortly after podiatry school, Mark photographed the live concert performances of such Classic Rock and Roll bands as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and others, and has photographed many celebrities on the red carpet and at other prestigious events. To find photos and more information visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1828054, www.MarkValinsky.comwww.MarkValinskyPhotography.comwww.ClassicRockPhotography.comwww.HeadshotExpert.comwww.ValinskyMediaGroup.com;www.WithoutAVoiceTheMovie.com;  and www.SudanHope.org.
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To book Mark contact Sherill Whisenand from Prestige Image PR & Wise Connections LLC  Tel#310-383-7898 or email to: pr@PrestigeImagePR.com
For more information visit: http://www.PrestigeImagePR.com

Sources: IMDB and Prestige Image Public Relations
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Editor’s Note: Dr. Mark Valinsky, doctor, actor, producer, photographer, author is a regular contributor to Diversity News Magazine and our other online publications. He contribute photos and is a media/pr consultant for us. We want to thanks and wish him the best.