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Honoring & Remembering Former Rogers & Cowan Celebrity Publicist Eugenia Wright

March 31, 2011 by  
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Former Rogers & Cowan Publicist Eugenia Wright DiedsOn Thursday, March 31, 2011 we were notify that Hollywood’s Celebrity Publicist Eugenia Wright have passed away.

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We immediately checked her Facebook page and many artists and including her client were leaving messages and sharing photos of her in her memory. We contacted one of her clients Donna Rowe and she confirmed that Ms. Eugenia Wright passed away on 3-31-2011 at 8:40 pm from pneumonia & acute respiratory distress syndrome at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Eugenia Wright was known as Eugenia “Kleopatra Girl” Wright. She was entertainment contributor for Eurweb and writer for The Scoop LA, Celebrity Extra TV as well other online sites. She was also an actress/publicist and the owner of her firm ISA Public Relations.

Actress, Model and Publicist Eugenia Wright legal name Eugenia J. Wright was born on January 17, 1952 in Guatemala City, Guatemala in Central America. She marry J.D. Hall. She passed away on March 31, 2011, she leaves behind her son Isa Hall.

In honor and memory to Eugenia Wright we will publish some of pictures, videos and quotes from some of her clients & friends to celebrate her life and her accomplishments.

“Well the worst case scenario has happened. My dear, dear friend & publicist Eugenia Wright has passed away & surely gone to Heaven. My heart is broken but also relieved. No more suffering, and she was…..There is no choice now, I must get this movie role & continue on to be what she always told me I could be. Eugenia, you will be greatly missed for ever. I love you.” said Actress & Comedian Luenell Campbell.

Publisher Lee Bailey from Eurweb reported on April 1st that services are schedule for this Monday, April 4th at 2:00 pm at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills located 6300 Forest Lawn Drive in Los Angeles, CA 90068.

Also legendary, singer & songwriter Brenda Lee Eager said “I am so sad. Thank yo u dear heart for being who you are and supporting me always, I love you and I am so glad to have known you .I cant believe it.”

Some of the articles the Eugenia Wright wrote and mention Diversity News:

Jennifer Day gives a “ Put the Blame on Mame” performance @ The CAP Theatre on Ventura

Some of the Awards & nominations she received for her work accomplishments:

August 26, 2010 Eugenia Wright aka Kleopatra Girl Received (Best PR of the Year and Best Journalist Award).

Nominated “Most Outstanding Agency” by EURweb.com 2008

“In this… “bizness”, one needs to know how to promote their career and more importantly their image. It is mandatory for artists to grasp their own reigns via credible public relations architects who will construct a positive picture thereby becoming responsible for their own destiny and legacy.This is truly important”. said Eugenia Wright, Publicity Architect.

About Eugenia J. Wright:
Eugenia Wright, was a former television/film and theatre actress naturally progressed into the public relations field during the late eighties. She recognized early on that public relations was an essential tool to promote one’s career while working as a teen actress guest-starring on such television shows as The Love Boat, Chips, Magnum PI, Quincy, White Shadow, Hill Street Blues, Blue Thunder  and others. Her proficiency with the English language and capable writing skills set her apart from her fellow actors and soon they too were asking her to represent them.
By the early nineties, Eugenia realized that public relations was equally as important as acting and was hired by one of the most prestigious public relations houses in the world Rogers & Cowan. Working directly under the guidance of co-founder legendary publicist Warren Cowan and public relations expert Alan Nierob, responsible for the careers of Jennifer Lopez, Denzel Washington, Oscar De La Hoya and Mel Gibson, to name a few.
While at Rogers & Cowan, Eugenia was directly responsible for assisting in the image development of such stars as Robin Givens, Joan Collins, Diahann Carroll, Richard Lawson, Ali McGraw, Heather Locklear, Victoria Principal and many more. Eugenia was finally in her realm. However, the film industry continued to beckon and she returned to film and starred in “Perfume” “The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and a comedy entitled “Off Sides” with Tony Randall and Patrick Swayze and Penitentiary II with Leon Isaac-Kennedy. She also starred in many Shakespearean pieces for KCET including MacBeth and Othello. On stage she assayed such roles as Juliet in an interracial version of Romeo & Juliet and received an LA Drama Critics Circle Nomination, Drama Logue Awards and great citywide recognition. Other lead roles that are memorable include Cleopatra in Caesar & Cleopatra, Cleopatra in Antony & Cleopatra at the Globe Playhouse and she was awarded an NAACP nomination and garnered rave reviews from LA’s toughest critics. Famed artist Avery Clayton known for his beautiful black and white renderings was inspired to sketch Eugenia as Cleopatra set to a backdrop of the Sphinx which hung in L A’s Black History Museum and is now part of his treasured art portfolio. Henceforth, Eugenia Wright has and is referred to by many as “Kleopatra Girl.”

In spite of her success on the big and little screen, Eugenia Wright always managed to keep her public relations skills polished and would act as star and publicist for many of the shows she both starred and produced. Five years ago, after rearing her one and only child Isa into his teens, Eugenia reflected on which career would she continue to pursue, acting or public relations? Her love for image building (PR) outweighed her love for acting. She devoted herself to promoting the careers of many industry stars including her husband, veteran of stage and screen and highly sought after voice over talent J.D. Hall. She has promoted and marketed his image to a veneer finish which has lead him to become a highly acclaimed narrator of such blockbuster productions as “The Scorpion King,” “Under Cover Brother,” “The E! True Hollywood Story of Richard Pryor,” “The E! True Story of Good Times” and hundreds of other credits including radio and television commercials, too numerous to mention. Eugenia has also been extremely successful in promoting the image of several corporate accounts such as Revivogen Hair Care Products, Senor Fresh Restaurants and others. While on staff as Sr. Account Executive at Bordeaux PR for  four consecutive years she strategized the impeccable image of several Gold’s Gym accounts in the Los Angeles area. These gyms were always featured in the news largely due to Eugenia’s PR expertise and exquisitely written press releases. The owners recently graced the cover of the most prestigious fitness magazine in the country-CBI due to Eugenia’s abilities to pitch a story. All press releases emanating from Bordeaux at the time of her employ were  creatively penned by Eugenia. She was also the alias scribe of many aritcles on the premiere fitness facility.
Eugenia’s solid relationship with the media, developed over the years, is a publicist dream. Her ability to befriend and interact with the media due to her exuberant outgoing personality and lyrical voice quality is an asset. And her credibility is unsurpassed passing all checkpoints with flying colors.
Other accounts that have increased notoriety, exposure and/or sales directly from Eugenia’s PR efforts include: The Isuzu Long Beach Marathon, Comedian Celia Fox who is currently producer for Wasabi Tuna and developing a new film starring Anna Nicole, The Art of Exotic Dance which became the most popular strip tease aerobics workout in the nation due to Eugenia’s efforts, Robert Kennedy, Publisher of MuscleMag, American Curves, American Health & Fitness and Oxygen magazines, Built to Survive (manual for AIDS victims), The Body Spa @ Gold’s Gym Downtown.
Under her company ISA PR’s banner: Dancer/Choreographer Barry YoungBlood, Joey Dowdy, original choreographer for the Back Street Boys (prior to Fatima Robinson), Bianca’s Botanicals, a cosmetic company specializing in all natural hair and body products, The Athletic Garage, owned and operated by Hip Hop Diva Madonna Grimes, Music Mogul Chris Stokes, Hip Hop and R&B Artist, Marques Houston, Fashion Photographer and Image Maker to The Stars Tim Alexander, Photojournalist Vinni Ratcliff, Comedienne Irene “Mama” Stokes, Barker’s Beauty Kathleen Bradley, Urban Film Premiere Web Magazine and others including a high profile attorney handling a sensitive front page news court case. In addition ISA PR has handled many special events and CD Release Party and Promotions. Recently, CRUNK MAGAZINE, one of the hottest publications for hip hop news and entertainment sought out the PR maven to represent them as West Coast Contributor. “This is a new challenge.I love the energy and flow of hip hop. I plan on giving this genre of music its due respect in Crunk” stated the kleopatra girl of PR in a featured article in Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report.
All accounts handled by Eugenia are based on her passion for the subject matter. It is easy to generate interest from the media when “the source” is 100% convinced that what they are promoting is genuine. Her efforts for these accounts are outstanding and she takes on the challenges in reaching their targeted media markets with zeal, whether it is mainstream or ethnic media. Her contacts with all media outlets, television, newspapers, magazines, radio and the Internet are solid. She is highly creative and every PR campaign is tailor made to suit the client’s needs. She is skilled at creating the right angle or hook at just the right time that catches the media’s attention.
Her commitment and mission statement is “To put forth my best effort by providing excellent customer service using the latest technology and targeting all media contacts with a professional platinum presentation and professional aggressive approach.” She further states, “Publicity is the key that unlocks one’s image and or business to local, national and the global market.”
Eugenia Wright is a native of Guatemala, Central America. She was raised in Boston Massachusetts and grew up as a ward in the household of Carl McCall, 2002 Democratic candidate for Governor of the State of New York.
She has made the most of her life by thinking positive and turned her dreams into realities. She is happily married to highly sought after voice over actor, writer, producer, J.D. Hall, afore-mentioned who in addition to acting, etched his name in the annals of history, as the first African American ever to run for the President of The Screen Actors Guild. Ms. Wright is a natural communicator and proficient in several languages giving her the added flexibility to interact with others. Eugenia has one child, Isa Hall. Her company bears his name. For more information visit her IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0942386/
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Source: ISA Public Relations, Wikipedia

Photos: Courtesy of Daniela Hubbard & Rodrigo Vaz for Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity News Publications, Diversity News Publications, Wikipedia

Video: The Jeffrey Henderson Show

Editor’s Note: Our prayers and sincere condolences goes to the Wright family. Dear Eugenia Wright, I (We) can still not believe this happen to you. I (We) (are) am SHOCKED and very SAD. You were so Real and very nice publicist. You worked so hard for your clients and now the I see them leaving messages I think you left us here and now you are with GOD and do not need to worry about anything anymore. R.I.P and see you soon in Heaven.

The Women of Vision-Lady In Red To Be Honored at The Night Before The Oscars

February 20, 2011 by  
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MMPA The Lady In Red 2011On Thursday, February 17, 2011 The Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) announced their event “The Women of Vision honored at The Night Before The Oscars…,”The Lady in Red.”
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The event will be held at the Royal Meadows Estate in Sherman, Oaks, CA on Saturday, Februray 26, 2011 from 7:00 PM-10:00 PM. (Note: Address will be provided with your VIP or reservation purchase).

This is a gala event the honors women in the entertainment industry supporting and advocating for health, education, community and social justice.

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The following people will receive honor and award “The Woman of Vision” Award: Tena Clarke (Founder/CEO of DMI Music), Laura Ziskin (Laura Ziskin Productions), Nina Tassler ( CBS Production Company), April Weeden-Washington (Celebrity Stuntwoman/Actress) and many more to be announced.

This is a formal, and intimate evening for heroes and leaders the gives a lot to the society. Per event organizers the evening attire will be ladies dressed in red cocktail dresses and the gentlemen in dark suits with red ties.

This event is produced by The Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA) benefiting MMPA’s Educational and Development Fund. For more information about this event and additional events please visit the organization website at www.thediversityawards.org


For any media interested to cover and talent to attend this event , please contact Betrice Coleman-Sweet, Publicist, Betrice.csweet@gmeexperts.com or (562) 556-9161.
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Rapper Crooked I Attend Urban Kings Best Hip Hop Awards in Hollywood

December 13, 2010 by  
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Eric Zuley with Crooked IOn Saturday, December 11, 2010 Eric Zuley attended King Ryan Events The Best of the Best II.

Eric told media representatives on the red carpet that he was one of the award presenters.

Eric Zuley presented the Award for Urban Kings Best Hip Hop Album to Skeet.

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King Ryan knows how to promote events and get people to attend, but he works with unprofessional and rude people such as those in security who do not know how to distinguish celebrities or media. King Ryan is helping the community by giving the kids an opportunity to showcase their art and take them away from the streets.

Some of the celebrities who attended the event were: Maryam Shepardson (KLAS FM Maryam Talk Radio host), Bianca Renne (Model/Actress/Host and Dancer), Eric Ronald Kandell (Model and Actor), Ryan Torres (Actors Manager), Arthur Edmonds (NCIS Los Angeles), Betrice Coleman-Sweet (Publicist), Charyse Monet (Actress), Vanessa Ray (Model / Actress) and Michael Benz (Events Host).

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The event was hosted by Artist and Entertainer Mr. Upshaw. The event was held at Vanguard Nightclub in Hollywood, CA. For more information about the King Ryan Events visit http://urbankingshowcase.com/

About Crooked I: Dominick Wickliffe, better known by his stage name Crooked I, is an American rapper fromLong Beach, California. Crooked I is currently the CEO of his own record labels, Dynasty Entertainment and C.O.B. Digital[1] as well as Senior Vice President of Treacherous Records.[2]Before starting his own label, he was also signed to Virgin Records and Death Row Records. For more information about Crooked I visit http://www.myspace.com/crookedi
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Sources: Imdb, Wikipedia, Skeet Official Website and Diversity News Magazine

Photos (C) and Courtesy of Allen Berezovsky from Star Pictures TodayArt Edmonds from A3 Studios. (C) 2010 By Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.
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Editor’s Note: Story was proofread by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com.  In another note Dear readers, Vanguard Night Club is located in Hollywood and the event was good.  We were in the VIP area, but when we wanted to come back one security guy named Sexy was very rude. Please do not support this kind of club and tell your friends. We contacted Vanguard Night Club management to report this issue but as of the date of publishing this story they have not contacted us.

Actress Luenell, recording artists Fawn and Brenda Lee Eager attend The Disco Ball Charity Event

April 12, 2010 by  
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fawnluenelldiscoballOn Thursday, April 8, 2010, The Kierrah Foundation presented One Nation Under a Cause: 70’s Disco Ball at the Legendary Jewel’s Catch One located at 4067 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019 from 7 P.M. to Midnight. The event was hosted by comedian Michael Colyar.

“On behalf of The Kierrah Foundation, Parris Harris and Serving Angels Media, we would like to offer our sincere thanks for making the 70’s Disco Ball a complete success.” said Brandy Sanders, Founder. She continued, “Words alone cannot express our humble gratitude! We understand that you have a very strict schedule, however, you took the time to support The Kierrah Foundation. It was a historic and memorable night! The night could not have been so with out you!”

There were about 200 people at the event. which included celebrities, models and media representatives. People were dressed in the 70’s decade attire. The event included a fashion show coordinated by Parris Harris. Also, it featured a red carpet, and VIP lounge with complimentary drinks and a goody bag. Some of the special performances of the event were by Tap Dancing Sensations Sean and John and Brenda Lee Eager.

“I thought that the event was a lot of fun, and there was a really great turnout. The Disco Ball was in full swing, celebrating the 70’s with legends, celebrities, a fashion show, performers, red carpet, and more! The venue was really expansive, so there was a lot of room for people to mix and mingle. There were some featured vendors that had really beautiful merchandise on display, available for viewing and purchase.” said Emma Zerner, fashion model and actress.

Some of the celebrities that attended the event were Cassius Vernon Weathersby, Billy Osborne of LTD Fame, Dian Wilson, Eugenia Wright, John Prudhont, Lars Anthony Slind, Sagar Parekh, Tom Tangen, Maria Prudhont, David Harrison Levi, Teresa Wyatt, Luenell, Tony Boldi, Alana Chandler, Thushari J, Cher Rue, Emma Zerner, Fawn, Annie Mcknight, Antoinette Smith Genesis, Charyse Monet, Dee Freeman, Kymedienne Jackson, Suniil Sadarangani, Red Grant, Sam Bell and Kathleen Bradley.
macys.com 04/18/2010-04/20/2010
“We hope that this event was as phenomenal for you as it was for us. As we grow, we hope that you will grow with us. The Kierrah Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of our young “former foster girls.” We are able to do so with your support, time and love. We thank you again for making the vision a reality.” Ms. Sanders concluded.

The event executive producers were Brandy Sanders, Parris Harris and Betrice Coleman-Sweet. The event was produced by The Kierrah Foundation and sponsored by Parris Harris, Serving Angels Media, Jewels Catch One and Amoeba Music. The media/press outlets were Diversity News, ISA Public Relations, Donald Carraway Photography, Jeff Knight Photography, Photos by Rodrigo Vaz, Nelson Shen, Mohamed Aly and The Pulse of Entertainment.
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“I got involved with the Kierrah Foundation about a year ago. The Kierrah Foundation serves to help young women who have been adversely affected by being placed in the foster care system, aging out, with no place to go. Through special events like the Disco Ball, this foundation brings attention to this issue which a lot of people aren’t even aware exists; by doing this, they can help out or find a way to contribute to this worthy cause.” Ms. Zerner concluded.
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About the Kierrah Foundation:
It was founded in 2004 by Brandy Sanders and her late husband Stan Sanders, The Kierrah Foundation assists young women whom have “aged-out” of the foster care system without family or friends. Their purpose is to provide material, intellectual, and emotional support to former foster girls with their transition from state care to early adulthood. For more information go to http://www.kierrahfoundation.org

Editor’s Note: Story was proof read by Linda Krongold, our New York, NY Special Correspondent For Diversity News. For more information you can contact her at andmeljar@aol.com

Wireless from AT&T

Photos courtesy of Rodrigo Vaz. You can contact Rodrigo at rodrigo.m.c.m.vaz@gmail.com for photos shoots. © 2010 By Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.
Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.

One Nation Under A Cause: 70 Disco Ball fundraiser for The Kierrah Foundation on April 8, 2010

March 14, 2010 by  
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discoballThe Kierrah Foundation announced Friday, March 12, 2010 the will held  “One Nation Under a Cause: 70’s Disco Ball” event at the Legendary Jewel’s Catch One from 7 P.M. to Midnight.  This is a fundraiser event to benefit The Kierrah Foundation.

The event will be hosted by Kierrah’s King of Comedy, Michael Colyar (“The Princess and the Frog”, “Norbit”, “Barbershop”).

The event organizers expect on the night Kierrah’s Best Man, Shawn Carter Peterson (“Bones”,”Eli Stone”) will get the party started with the introduction to the Disco Ball festivities and Kierrah’s Angel of Laughter Luenell (“Borat”, “Californication”, “The Hustle”) will host the Legendary Gong Show along with some of her fun and zany friends. The Rockin’ DJ Lovey C will jam 70’s play all the hits all night long.

Announced as special live performances are by Songstress/Writer/Poet Aquilah Ali, Tap Dancing Sensations Sean and John, Pop/R&B Singer Trueful will serenade the ladies and the Soul and Disco Band Custom Made and added exclusive performance by Singer/Songwriter, Jesse Campbell for the Memorial Tribute montage of the 70s Legends the made their transitions from this life but will live on forever. Also a Flash to the 70’s Fashion showcase presented by “Hollywood’s Most Notorious Fashion Coordinator” Parris Harris featuring designs by African Cowboy and Carolyn Wilbourn. Also the Kierrah Foundation will feature their star models: Battina Cooper, Cynthia Jenkins, Danielle Korman, Emma Zerner (model and actress), Khadija Sy, Regge, Samantha Davis, Teresa Wyatt, Yatta Smith and Yonah Eveline.
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They will have the Soul Train Line, Best Dressed Contest, Dance Contests, Auctions, Raffles, Shopping, Games and More! People will be able to meet and greet the 70’s Legends, Celebrity & VIP Guests in the Psychedelic Shack VIP Lounge. Red Carpet Arrival, Photo and Press Opportunities will be available to approved media outlets. Also they will provide a Host Bar, Gift Bags and More.
The invited celebrities, VIP guests and surprise 70’s legends will be: confirmed 70’s Legends; The Kierrah’s Angel of Song, Soul Singer/Songwriter Brenda Lee Eager (“Ain’t Understanding Mellow”, “Wild Women Blues”, “Grace: The Brenda Lee Eager Story”), Kierrah’s Honorary Brother, Filmmaker/Producer Cassius Vernon Weathersby (“You Got Served”, “House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute”, “D.C. Cab”).

Confirmed Celebrities & VIP Guests are: Pop and Rnb Twins 2-U-Neek, Actress/Comedienne Annie McKnight (“The Soloist”, “BET’s Comic View”), Model/Actress Antoinette Smith Genesis, Actor/Artist Arif Kinchen (“Method & Red”, “The Wash”), Actor Bill Lee Brown (“Without A Trace”, “The Shield”, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”), Actress Dee Freeman (“Pretty”, “The Young and the Restless”, The Hughleys”), Singer/Entertainer Dian Wilson, PR Princess Eugenia Wright, (ISA Public Relations), Singer/Composer Fawn, Actress/Comedienne Kymedienne (“Operation Repo), Actor/Entertainer Lejon O. Stewart (“Community”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”), Actor/Dancer Sagar Parekh, Actress/Model/Pin Up Doll Stella Stewart, Celebrity Fitness Trainer Sam Bell, Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Arranger Tim McAfee Lewis, R& B Singer Tionne, Record Producer/Performer Jay King of Club Nouveau.
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The vip lounge is sponsored by Amoeba Music and media sponsor Diversity News. Their official security will be provided courtesy of Kappa Omega Omicron. The event will have a red carpet and will open it’s doors at: 7 P. M. Per organizers and publicist all media must be approved in advance and check in by: 7:30P.M.  The Red Carpet will be held at: 8:00P.M. and the show starts at 9:00P.M.
If you want to cover the event email publicist at sweetrayolight@live.com and if you want more information about the organization visit http://kierrahfoundation.org/ or to buy tickets for the event visit http://kierrahevents.org/

Parris Harris, Darin Sanone and Pop Cat joined forces for the biggest Christmas party and L.A. FASHION AID 2009

December 19, 2009 by  
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Parris Harris joined forces with Darin Sanone & Pop Cat of Rage Night Club to held the biggest Christmas party ever and fundraiser for L.A. FASHION AID 2009.

Darin Sanone’s, Pop Cat IX – Christmas & Parris Harris’ L.A. *FASHION AID 2009 held, a Christmas toy and gift drive party benefiting the Kierrah Foundation.

The event was held at Rage Restaurant and Night Club, in West Hollywood, CA on Monday, December 14, 2009 from 7 pm to 2am.

For the Christmas party live performances were by Joel Evan and Queen Diva Pepper MaShay was courtesy and introduced by Ray Chatters of Next Music Group. She sang “Freeway of Love” as well “Get Soakin’ Wet. The music mix was done by Dj Tony Nuccio, DJ ME And Next Music Group.

“I like that the event was for a great cause, and it was near the holidays, so a lot of people came out”.  Said Emma Zerner, Model and Actress. She added “It was a great mixture of fashion and entertainment, to keep everyone interested. The event was a lot of fun, in the fabulous neighborhood of west hollywood.”
“I modeled in the show because I love fashion, and anything for charity is worth doing”
Ms. Zerner concluded.

During the fashion show VJ Michael Benz of The Martianz and Arlyn Royce took the stage to perform while models were modeling. The models also presented ART AID of Sun Behr “The Love Storm” & “The Perfections of Imperfections” & Sun Behr “Alexandria” collection. The models make up was done by Make Up Aid Maria Rivera of www.beautytechstudio.com and www.projectethos.com. The models hair was done by Hair Aid Jez Harris, Hair coordinator. The night was closed with the live performance of Javelyn Jav, a classical piano, pop ballad, alternative folk/rock and R&B singer.

Per Parris Harris, he is involved with the Kierrah Foundation for so many reasons such as “Because of the foster care system craziness. Also because Brandy Sanders needs all the help she can get. The girls are absolute beautiful and amazing survivors.” Said Parris Harris, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Public Relations and Fashion/Casting Coordinator. He added “He feels the his goal was accomplish and stated that “Yes, completely collecting toys and creating awareness about The Kierrah Foundation and there cause.” When asked why the event was combined with Darin Sanone’s and Pot Cat Christmas party he answered “The more the merry and Darin donated his night to The Kierrah Foundation and the Darin Rocks.” Mr. Harris concluded.

Parris Harris, is known as Hollywood’s Most Notorious Fashion Coordinator. Fashion Aid LA 2009 featured some of the following designers Treaz’ure Signature Designs, G Baby, Heather Petrey, African Cowboy, Blive, Carolyn Wilbourn, Punk Mail USA, Afreaka, Marina Phoenix, Tina Preston, Cow Girl Heaven, PHunk X, David Kahn, Rumple Munkeh, Arnel of Beverly Hills & Parris Harris.

Per Betrice Coleman-Sweet, The Kierrah Foundation publicist and Serving Angels Media stated that there were approximately 300 people throughout the night and about over a hundred gifts. Also some donations were made.

The Kierrah Foundation presented their 2nd Annual Parris Harris’ L.A. Fashion Aid 2009, a Toy & Gift Drive Party to collect toys for the children and gifts for their young women for the Holidays.

*Proceeds from this event will benefit The Kierrah Foundation for former foster girls and their children. Please visit website at www.kierrahfoundation.org or www.kierrahevents.org

About The Kierrah Foundation:
The Kierrah Foundation was established to help young women who have been adversely affected by being placed in the foster care system. The unique needs of these young women are underrepresented and underserved. The Kierrah Foundation is set up to be a multilevel support system for these young women who often are estranged from adult family members and must navigate the path to adulthood alone. The Foundation seeks to build their self-esteem and to squash the rampant self-doubt that makes these young women feel hopeless, disenfranchised and on the path to nowhere. The Foundation also offers women a unique opportunity to share valuable life experiences with upwardly mobile individuals who can encourage them to face the challenges ahead. For more information about The Kierrah Foundation visit: www.kierrahfoundation.org

Editor Note: Display photo Courtesy of Nelson Shen from nelson photo images at http://www.myspace.com/nelson_photo