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Featuring Angelo Talebi Beverly Hills Financial Advisor and Media Mogul

Angelo Talebi on DiversityNewsPublications

Renowned Investment Advisor Representative in the State of California and Certified Financial Planner, acclaimed multi-media producer, director, radio personality, film documentarian, entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Mr. Angelo Talebi was born in Iran and is a renowned Investment Advisory Representative in the state of California and Certified Financial Planner, acclaimed multi-media producer, director, radio personality, film documentarian, entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist. Angelo Talebi owns and operates Beverly Hills Financial Planners which located at 9454 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 902, Beverly Hills, California 90212.Angelo Talebi is very modest about his mathematical acumen and said during a recent interview, “There is nothing special about it, it’s just a craft a human has.”Angelo Talebi continued his pursuit of mathematical excellence and received his Bachelor of Science in statistics from the College of Statistics & Mathematics in Tehran, Iran in 1977.Angelo Talebi  (936 x 1404)

In 1979, Angelo Talebi came to the United States to further his educational goals and received his MBA in Finance from the Lincoln University of Missouri in 1980. Angelo Talebi graduated from the Life Underwriter Training Council (LUTC) Personal Insurance Program in July 1981 and the LUTC Business Insurance Program in July 1982. Angelo Talebi earned designation as a Certified Financial Planner from the College of Financial Planning in July 1989. In 2005, Angelo Talebi received his certificate from Harvard University in the area of Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance. This certificate further helps Angelo Talebi understand his clients and implement plans to address their wishes and desires. After 35 years in the United States as a financial planner, Angelo Talebi has “seen the financial cycles and survived.”Angelo Talebi studied behavioral finance because he knows it is the key to serve his clients by first knowing his clients. Angelo Talebi applies this course of study to help with his clients’ monetary security. Angelo Talebi’s clients benefit from his ability to see the past, learn from its cyclic patterns, while preparing for future trends performance there is no guarantee of future results.Angelo Talebi  and team (1180 x 722)

Family ties are of the utmost importance to Angelo Talebi. Since leaving Tehran, Iran, Angelo Talebi has devoted his life to his clients and his family. Although Angelo Talebi is unmarried and without his own children, he devotes his spare time and energy to his sister and her children and provides for the education of many of his nieces and nephews. Family is the center of AngeloTalebi’s universe, and he is proud of his family’s accomplishments. He knows the importance of family and treats clients with this same devotion and attention. Angelo Talebi also knows the importance of securing financial security for his clients’ families and takes a personal interest with ensuring they get a portfolio that meets their immediate needs.

When Angelo Talebi was recently asked about leaving his homeland, Iran,Angelo Talebi stated, “I recognized the Islamic issues plaguing Iran in 1980, and I have never returned.” When discussing the political shifts in world politics and business, Angelo Talebi refers to the pivotal film, “Imam Khomeini, The Man Who Changed the World.” This film depicts the Islamic struggle and contrast to the western world during the instability of Iran. This political shift inIran in 1978, occurred during the same time Angelo Talebi began his life in America.Angelo Talebi handshake (936 x 1404)

Since his arrival in America in 1980, Angelo Talebi has rooted himself completely into American culture and patriotism. Angelo Talebi’s office in the heart of Beverly Hills is adorned with paintings of General George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln. A bronze sculpture of an American eagle and photo of the American flag waving in the wind greets clients in the waiting room. Photographs of Angelo Talebi with former US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell hang on the wall as a testament to Angelo Talebi’s devotion to American patriotism. When asked what he likes best aboutAmerica, Angelo Talebi stated, “It’s an easier life. I am a world traveler and the more I see, the more I realize what a great place America is.”

Angelo Talebi 14 (1404 x 842)When asked what makes him the proudest in his profession, Angelo Talebi matter-of-factly stated, “when I see my clients happy.” To educate his clients and help them better prepare for their futures, Angelo Talebi started a program for his clients entitled, Financial Wellness. This program is dedicated to the principles of eating well, sleeping well, living well, loving well, and ultimately dying well with the purpose of showing the need for internal balance before enacting steps to aimed at preserve and conserve his clients’ estates for the future of their loved ones. Beverly Hills Financial Planners offers a well-rounded menu of products to include financial planning, tax planning, insurance, and investment planning. Angelo Talebi’s ultimate goal is to preserve and enhance his clients’ securities today to better prepare them for the instabilities of tomorrow.

Aside from his extensive background in finance, Angelo Talebi owns the production company Angelus Media Group. Although he is not of Jewish ancestry or heritage, Angelo Talebi is a philanthropist who considers himself a “spiritual warrior”. He devotes much of his time to the pursuit of bringing theJewish perspective of the Holocaust through his production of educational film projects. His appreciation for the Jewish culture is a reflection of his knowledge of the importance the Jewish community has been in their contributions to the fields of medicine and economics.

Eagle Angelo Talebi  (1404 x 936)In 2012, Angelo Talebi’s production company, Angelus Media Group, produced the first film in a series entitled, “The Jews of Pannonia.” This film is a shining example of the knowledge and respect Angelo Talebi has concerning the Holocaust, the Jewish people and their religion. Angelus Media Group is busy producing the next segments to this series, “The Jews of Odessa” and “The Jews of Catalonia.” Angelo Talebi works tirelessly to bring to the forefront the plight of the Jewish community and he offers his support in bringing these issues to the public through producing these important films.Angelo Talebi’s devotion to the Jewish Community garnered him a front page story and photo on the web-based magazine, Jewish World Review.

It should also be noted that Angelo Talebi hosts a radio and television show entitled, “On the Money Line” which focuses on securing financial security. The televion show airs online and via cable every Tuesday pacific standard time from six to seven pm on PARS TV and the radio show is broadcast every Wednesday pacific standard time from noon to one pm on KIRN, 670 AM. For more information visit http://www.AngeloTalebi.net

Markos Geneti and Buzunesh Deba Set Records at The 26th Annual Honda LA Marathon

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26th Annual LA Marathon 2011On March 22, 2011 LA Marathon LLC announced that a first-time marathoner and a 400-pound sumo wrestler highlighted a stunning 26th Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss with a pair of spectacular performances. Theirs were only two of nearly 20,000 amazing stories on a wet and wild race-day.
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Marathon rookie Markos Geneti of Ethiopia, known primarily for his exploits on the track, broke away from a bunched field in the middle miles and elevated the race to world-class status with a sensational new race record of 2:06:35, the second-fastest time in the world in 2011. He shattered the previous race record of 2:08:24 by almost two minutes, and before catching a stomach cramp in the 21st mile, was on pace to run 2:04:49, which would have been the fastest debut marathon ever and the fastest marathon ever run in the United States. As it was, his 2:06:35 final time is the 14th-fastest marathon ever run in North America.

Kenya’s Nicholas Kamakya was the only one close to Geneti in the last half of the race, and finished second in 2:09:26, with countryman Laban Moiben third (2:13:12) and two-time defending champion Wesley Korir fourth in 2:13:23.

Geneti’s feat was all the more remarkable due to the conditions, with heavy rain throughout most of the race and gusting winds, which peaked near 60 miles per hour in the afternoon. Geneti took home the first-place prize of $25,000 plus a Honda EX Insight sedan, as well as $100,000 for winning the unique L.A. Marathon Challenge, finishing ahead of women’s winner Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia by two minutes and 56 seconds after starting with a 17:03 handicap.
TO MALE RUNNERS:                                   TOP FEMALE RUNNERS:
Markos Geneti 02:06:35 (1st Place)           Buzunesh Deba 02:26:34 (1st Place)
Nicholas Kamakya 02:09:26                        Amy Hastings 02:27:03
Laban Moiben 02:13:12                                Mare Dibaba 02:30:25
Wesley Korir 02:13:23                                  Diane Nukuri 02:33:47
Jason Gutierrez 02:13:24                            Iuliia Arkhipova 02:33:55

Deba posted her seventh marathon win in nine tries and ran a personal best by 50 seconds in 2:26:34, the ninth-fastest women’s performance in race history. She broke away from American Amy Hastings, also making her marathon debut, in the final three miles. For her part, Hastings became the eighth-fastest American woman ever to run the marathon in 2:27:03, the third-fastest mark ever posted by an American woman running a first marathon. Ethiopia’s Mare Dibaba finished third in 2:30:25.
Champs Sports (Footlocker.com, Inc.)
But the elites were only a small part of the story on a brutal day for running, but during which an astonishing 97.0% of all those who started the race (20,537) actually finished. Temperatures ranged from 50-55 degrees during the day, with heavy rain and wind, especially near the finish in Santa Monica. Incredibly, the average finishing time in 2011 was 5:16:33, more than eight minutes faster than the weather-perfect 2010 edition (5:24:37), the first run on the Stadium to the Sea course. The new race-tracking system that sent intermediate and finishing times via text message, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, used for the first time at a major marathon, distributed 153,460 messages during the race with nearly instantaneous delivery.

Among the finishers was American sumo champion Kelly Gneiting, who will submit his race results and supporting documentation to the Guinness World Records office for certification as the “heaviest person to complete a marathon.” He jogged and walked the course in 9:48:52, finishing in 19,626th place out of a preliminary total of 19,928 finishers, and cut more than two hours off of his 2008 marathon time of 11:52:11. He weighed in at 400.0 pounds at the start and 396.2 pounds at the finish.

“The people of Los Angeles are amazing,” he said afterwards. “There was lots of honking and yelling, ‘Go, you’re almost there’ by both marathoners and spectators.” Asked before the race why he was doing this, he said “I love the thought of showcasing what a 400-pound person can do; you don’t need to let that stop you from accomplishing anything.”

Also setting a personal best was Joe D’Amico of Palatine, Illinois, who “trained” for the event for the last 30 days prior to the race by eating all of his meals at McDonald’s, and raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He finished 28th overall in 2:36:14, shaving 40 seconds off his old best from last year’s Twin Cities Marathon in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Charitable contributions made in conjunction with the race also set a new record, with $2.15 million already collected and more continuing to be received. Contributions can be made through March 31 via www.Crowdrise.com to any of the race’s 68 affiliated charitable organizations.

“The 2011 edition of the Honda LA Marathon was one for the record books,” said LA MARATHON LLC chief operating officer Nick Curl. He continue “Our runners, from Markos Geneti to Kelly Gneiting to everyone in between, would not be stopped by very challenging conditions, overcoming both the distance and the weather. They are all to be congratulated.”

“We are also very proud of our volunteers who worked a long day in the rain and cold, and of the public safety and transportation departments from Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Veterans Administration and Santa Monica, who were outstanding. Their professionalism, flexibility and rapid response made sure that our runners were just as well cared for after the race as they were on the course.” Mr. Curl concluded.

The 2012 Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss is scheduled for Sunday, March 18, 2012.
About LA Marathon LLC:
They inspire athletes and connect communities. With thousands of volunteers, tens of thousands of participants and hundreds of thousands of spectators, the Honda Los Angeles Marathon presented by K-Swiss is one of the largest organized road races in the country. For more information, visit www.lamarathon.com.
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Photos Courtesy and (C) 2011 By Francois Palais for Diversity News Magazine, published by Diversity News Publications. All Rights Are Reserved.

Editor’s Note: Special Thank you to Francois Palais for covering our event on a wet and wild day at LA Marathon 2011.

Famous Monsters of Filmland First Annual Imagi-Movies Film Festival LA

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On March 4. 2011 Famous Monsters of Filmland announced that their First Annual Imagi-Movies Film Festival have move to a new venue with new dates.
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The event will be held on April 8 – 10 at Laemmle Music Hall 3 located 9036 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

They will celebrate Vincent Price Centennial with his daughter and the 80th anniversary of Universal’s Frankenstein and Dracula with the Lugosi and Karloff families. Also schedule to feature previews of the following horror films Stephen King’s Dollar Babies and the H.P. Lovecraft Films, including peeks of upcoming blockbusters and Famous Monsters of Filmland Festival winners. For more information or to purchase tickets visit http://www.imagimovies.com/
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Photo flyers Courtesy of Famous Monsters of Filmland

Editor’s Note: Article First Published on Examiner.com on 3-7-2011 on The Los Angeles County Events Examiner page

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Recording Artist Moby Performed for Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

February 15, 2011 by  
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By: Songirl Sez, Special for Diversity News Magazine


Grammy Nominated Electronic and Pop Recording Artist Moby performed a 30 minute acoustic set in Beverly Hills on February 12, 2010 for the PCRM (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine) Fundraiser to a crowd of around 300 people.

Guests were shuttled up to the private estate of James Costa, a long time animal rights advocate with tickets going for $50 and the event running from 6-10pm. PCRM is a nonprofit organization founded in 1985 which has led the way for reforms in federal nutrition policies. Opposed to unethical human experiments, they promote and offer alternatives to animal research and testing. About an hour after the fundraiser began, a slide show was shown, with frightening statistics given on the obesity rate in children, stating that 1 in 3 children are now obese and 1 in 5 teens have abnormal cholesteral levels. Data showed a correlation of eating meat with these facts. The average American now eats 75 pounds more meat and 30 pounds more cheese each year, compared to a century ago. PCRM showed a new chart, called the “Power Plate” with four equal corners of Fruits, Grains, Legumes and Vegetables, promoted as “the well-rounded diet that could save your life” from the thepowerplate.org.

The slide show also discussed important animal issues at hand, as well as recent triumphs due to the tenacity, passion and compassion of PCRM. There were disturbing photos of a small squirrel monkey being squished into a narrow tube to be flown up into space for testing of the affects of ionizing radiation to simulate hazards of interplanetary space travel. When the photo was shown of the helpless animal, several gasps were heard in the crowd. Moments later the gasps turned to sighs as the guests were informed that PCRM was able to convince NASA to cancel the proposed monkey radiation experiments.

Shortly after the slide show and stories of triumphs and future areas of concern were shared, recording artist Moby performed an acoustic set. Although his performance was interrupted after just one song by Ady Gil who offered 2 all access Grammy passes, eventually selling to the highest bidder for $8,000, Moby seemed to take the auction intrusion in stride. Once continuing his set, he commented in between songs regarding the continual talking, asking people to go downstairs to chat. Moby played both guitar and piano during his performances, with the highlight being his vocal / acoustic guitar rendition of “Ring Of Fire” originally recorded by the late Johnny Cash.

Notables in attendance were Film makers Shaun Monson and Charles Hambleton, Recording Artists Moby, Fawn and Persia White, Book Authors Rory Freedman and Karen Dawn, Shannon Mann, Jane Valez-Mitchell, Patty Shenker, Ady Gil, Ellen Lavinthal, Robin Torme’, Kristin Bauer, Cindy Landon, Jennifer Landon, Chris DeRose, Libra Max and a host of others.

To donate of find out more about PCRM go to http://www.pcrm.org

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Video and Photos Courtesy & (C) 2011 by FFD Images. All Rights Are Reserved.
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Actresses Tish Roberts and Thushari Jayasekera to Attend Grammy Party

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David Harrison Grammy Event In HollywoodIt’s been called $1,000.000.000 David Harrison Levi Grammy Birthday Extravaganza and it will be held on Wednesday, January 19, 2011.
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David Harrison Levi known as USA Celebrity Personal Management – Music Producer is celebrating his Birthday with over 1 million of friends, colleagues, media, family and more at the famous Highlands in the Kodak Theater complex from from 7:00pm – Tomorrow at 2:00 am.

They expect over 87 media outlets (Including yours truly Diversity News Magazine and Hollywood Events Examiner of Examiner.com). This event raises Breast Cancer Awareness. The event will be held at The Highlands located at 6801 Hollywood Blvd 4TH Floor Hollywood, CA 90028.

Official Shop of Warner Bros

Some of the entertainers for the event are VH1’s Real Chance of Love – Bands – Gospel Choir and representing the USMC United States Marine Corp Color Guard & Drill Team. Performing live Smitty, Disco International Dance Diva Pepper MaShay. Also performing David Williams, Roxy Darr, Karl Rucker, Ditch – Johnny English, Geppina Scrigna, Minna & Millie, Nathalie Matthews, Anju Indian-Princess, Chris Salvatore, Goward and Maria Amor & The Exoti-Angels Dancers. DJ’s EZ Earl and JMotion.

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They will also feature a fashion show coordinate by Parris Harris presenting the models, clothing line and more of Kelvin James, Sydney Collection, Brit Boy, Mercedes Giovanni, Oliventa, Malici, Kiss One, Boi Toy, Forbidden Kiss and Afreaka.

Because this is a birthday and Grammy event the following actors, actress, personalities and recording artists have been announced to be in attendance: Actress Tish Roberts from (“Stand In”, NBC’S hit T.V. show “Community”, “Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior”, “True Blood” and “Lie To Me” with Tim Roth). Also DJ Trevi & DJ D: Fuse may join Ms. Roberts. Another actress attending Thushari Jayasekera who is currently in the role of Pinky on NBC’s Outsourced TV Show. (Outsourced is to air on a new time, at 10:30 pm after 30 Rock, starting Thursday, January 20, 2011 on NBC), and Patty McCall, author of Unmasking the Pain Within.

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Additional personalities, celebrities, actress and actors attending are: Fawn (Nominated for the Hollywood In Music Awards 2010), Kris Searle (International Recording Artist and Los Angeles Music Award Winner), Eric Rowland (Recording Artist), Justin Chase (Recording Artist), Rich Williams (President of Inspire U Records), Derek Jameson (Recording Artist), JayR Kalis (Actor), Trey McCurley (Actor), Suniil Sadarangani (Actor, Bollywood to Hollywood), Sean Tucker (Co-Producer for Standard Issue Television), Murray Swanby (Events Host for Planet Salon), Scotty Aspen, Chad Evans, Ryan Pasquelatto, Erik Doyle (Actor), Sexy Christian Yanik (Myspace), Chris Salvatore (Recording Artist), Whitmore, Roth (Recording Artist), Walter Delmar (Actor), Greg McKeon (Actor), Gebe Lopez (Recording Artist), The Perry Twins (Recording Artists; Renowned DJs), Matthew Montgomery (Actor), Steve Callahan (Actor), Brandon Rolph (Civil Rights Activist), Alex Stabler (Marquee Dancer; Cirque Du Soleil), Richard Merrill, Woody Woodbeck (Emmy Nominee), Brian Schulz (Dancer/Performer), Ivan Strada (Recording Artist), Collen Henderson, Andrew Curry (Manager for “KingQueen”), Frankie Morales (Frontiers Magazine), Charles Anthony (WeHo Knights), Jeffrey Paine, Jason Parks, Ernesto J. Higuera (and one guest), Joshua Miller (Dancer/Performer), Brandon Rolph (and four guests), Hector Monseratte (Monseratte Presents), Nelson Melegrito (DIVA), Luke Nero (Club Promoter; Mr. Black), Tyrone Power (celebrity-cocoon movies), Carla Power, Ray M. Quiroga (producer/actor), Norma A. G. Quiroga and Michael Quiroga.

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Sources tells Diversity News Magazine and Hollywood Events Examiner.com that Dr. John Carvalho, (Advocate for the LGBT Arts, Music and Entertainment Scene; HRC Political Action Committee; CSUDH Senator) help David to bring the artists to the event.
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For this free event they just asking people to bring can food & Toys for The Los Angeles Mission, *Kierrah Foundation, Midnight Mission and Toys For Tots.
Andrew Christian
Dress code of upscale-casual is strictly enforced, though nice jeans are permissible. However, absolutely no athletic or slogan T-Shirts attire are allowed.
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About David Harrison Levi – StarMaker:
Born on January 19, He grew up in Beverly Hills, CA and finished his education in Israel. Throughout his life he have worked in the entertainment business industry and knows lots of celebrities. In 1976 he received the name of David Harrison Levi STARMAKER by celebrity clothing designer Mr. Blackwell. After his father’s death, David Harrison Levi and chose to become secluded, he avoided his friends and the public. Since 2009 David Harrison Levi – STARMAKER decided to come back and started making new friends & reestablishing his old friendships. David Harrison Levi, is currently active helping various causes in honor of his sister Rosalind who passed away of Cancer and helping the community for better world. For more information visit http://www.myspace.com/tvcelebrity90210
Dollar Rent-a-Car, Inc.
About The Highlands Hollywood:
The Highlands Hollywood is a one of a kind nighttime experience featuring some of the best panoramic views in Hollywood. The Highlands is a 30,000 square foot, multi-level venue containing The Highlands Nightclub. The club features LA’s hottest DJ’s, sweeping balconies with views of the entire LA basin, plush lounges, and beautiful indoor & outdoor dining areas. For more information visit http://www.thehighlandshollywood.com
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*Kierrah Foundation,: may not be an approved non profit organization from CA Attorney General, so your donation may not be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

Photos: Courtesy of Mr. David Harrison Levi and Facebook