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Celebrity Designer Vida Craddock is the Official Shoes Sponsor for Miss/Mrs Diversity & Miss/Mrs Diversity News Pageants

Designs by VidaJuly 8, 2016Hollywood, CA — Diversity News Productions producer of upcoming Miss/Teen/Mrs Diversity & Miss/Teen/Mrs Diversity News Pageants Welcomes their Official Shoes Sponsor Celebrity Designer Vida Craddock from Designs by Vida.

“It was exciting to be asked to showcase my shoes for the a pageant, Miss/Teen/Mrs Diversity & Miss/Teen/Mrs Diversity News Pageants,” however, it was and is an honor to be asked to showcase as I found out the mission in which the founder Steven Escobar had in mind. Wow, I got it instantly, why because what he hopes and will achieve as empowerment and Diversity, amongst these events and ladies, he will achieve with great success. And I Thank you Steve Escobar, for bringing me aboard.” said Celebrity Designer Vida Craddock from Designs by Vida.shoes Designs by Vida4 shoes Designs by Vida6Shoes designed by Vida

Designs by Vida will supply, manufactured, and/or Design by Vida. The shoes will be designed according to the vision and mission of the designer too.

“I want to thank celebrity designer Vida Craddock from Designs by Vida for joining us as official shoes sponsor and for believing on my pageant project. I know on pageant coronation day, I had to thank all of you for believing in me and supporting me. I will also thank that people who has ignore my requests and whom has turn me down, but like they say never Give up on your Dreams.” said Steven Escobar, Founder, CEO, President & Executive Producer of Miss/Mrs Diversity News Pageants Organization from Diversity News Productions.

The search for contestants is still open but soon they will be closing it, so if you want to be part of this pageant, you can still join by visiting www.missandmrsdiversity.com/apply-now/#.V315YLgrLy0

12571557-sponsor-vida-craddock-from-designs-by-vidaAbout Vida Craddock from Designs by Vida:
Vida Craddock is a native of California. Vida Craddock is a self made Fashion Designer/Social Media Brand Marketing Ambassador. But she decided to go to school for enhancement in all areas. Having 19 years in the entertainment, and corporate Arena, it has been interesting. Because of Fashion, she went on further to involve herself on occasion with Commodities, as well as the Import, Exporting of textiles.

Vida has met and dealt with a lot of great people in one way or another for Videos, Movies, fashion shows, stylist, work,People in the Industry like. Snoop, Dr. Dre, Macy Grey, Tedrick Hall, American Idiol, Kristin of Criminal minds, “Penelope” Ed Bagley Jr, who made history with the Cesar Chavez Play (2012 made history). Actor Gary Dourdan who is an American actor of CSI and Tyrese Gibson back in the Baby Boy days Brandi, has bought her designs at Vida’s Unique Boutique & Gallery, all Knits, on Melrose Ave in Hollywood, CA. She has met Common, in the “Fat Beat” days, to the OG days, Autographs from, The Ojays, to parting with Barry White.

Opting out of that rat race of trying to find work, she decided between 2011 thru 2015 to put herself back on the learning train, of Fashion, Business, Marketing, Advertising and promotions.  Being an assist to a dietician for several years, providing counsel and guidance, kind of threw her in the middle of what we now refer to as “Life Coaching”. And that’s how she started doing “MINDSETS”
A thought process in which the destiny you want to take. For more information visit http://www.vidasfashionandwardrobecloset.com

About Miss Diversity, Miss Teen Diversity, Mrs. Diversity and Miss Diversity News, Miss Teen Diversity News & Mrs. Diversity News Pageants: The purpose and mission of Miss Diversity, Miss Teen Diversity, Mrs. Diversity and Miss Diversity News, Miss Teen Diversity News & Mrs. Diversity News Pageants! is to help woman from 14 to 75 years to become confident, make new friendships, learn leadership skills as well encourage them to pursue leadership roles in our Diverse society. For more information visit http://missandmrsdiversity.com


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