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Listen to Diversity News Radio On Air with Steven Escobar Presents Primetime Interview with Christy Oldham

Primetime Live Interview with Producer, Filmmaker, Author, Actress & Host Christy Oldham -6-3-2015On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, Diversity News Radio from Diversity News Productions in association with Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group held an exclusive and extensive Primetime Live Interview with Producer, Filmmaker, Author, Actress & Host Christy Oldham on Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm pst.

In case you missed Diversity News Radio, on Air with Steven Escobar exclusive and extensive Primetime Live Interview with Producer, Filmmaker, Author, Actress & Host Christy Oldham.

To listen to the archive visit: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diversitynewsradionetworks/2015/06/04/primetime-live-interview-with-producer-filmmaker-and-actress-christy-oldham-1

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Listeners and fans are encourage to call the studio at (657) 383-1391 or email: diversitynewsradio@gmail.com or diversitynewsradio@diversitynewspublications.com with questions for their celebrity guest Christy Oldham.

Also listeners and fans can also become fans of Diversity News Radio, on Air with Steven Escobar by visiting their Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/diversitynewsradio 

Steven Escobar is well known by asking questions the are very important for people to know of their artists and there is no censorship on the live interviews.

Diversity News Radio, On Air with Steven Escobar is brought to you by DiversityNewsPublications.com& in part Sponsored by Virgelia Productions Inc.

Graphic credit to: Diversity News Printing Services

Graphic credit to: Diversity News Printing Services

About Christy Oldham:
Christy Oldham, acclaimed independent filmmaker, pet entrepreneur and published author on canine health issues, is of Brythonic-Celtic ancestry. She is the founder of Demi Goddess Pictures, an Independent American film studio based in Los Angeles and is CEO of the pet care business Healthy Dogs Pet Sitting Service that provides a number of services to some of Hollywood’s biggest names. She has written, produced, directed and starred in numerous, award winning feature films, including her last feature film ‘Barracuda’ which earned her critical acclaim including 3 Best Picture awards at film festivals and screened at the Marche’ du Films at Festival de Cannes. An animal activist, she recently penned the book “Christy Oldham’s Manual to a Happy & Healthy Dog” and donates proceeds from book sales to various animal rights groups and charity’s. Finley and the Emerald Volcano: The Search for the Missing Cauldron, is in development as a feature film. She resides in Los Angeles. For more information visit http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1515741/

About Diversity News Radio On Air with Steven Escobar and Diversity News Radio Top 10 Most Requested Songs with Steven Escobar: “Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar” is an interactive, live internet talk-radio show that focuses on singers, business leaders, actresses, actors, recording artists, music composers, authors, writers and more of all genres and mediums. The show format features live music, interviews, breaking news, gossip, announcements, confessions, events, advertisements and much more. Host Steven Escobar explores the career, advice, writing style and personality of each guest. Callers are encouraged to call (657) 383-1391 to listen or ask questions. The stream and archives are available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diversitynewsradionetworks/2015/06/04/primetime-live-interview-with-producer-filmmaker-and-actress-christy-oldham-1 or http://www.diversitynewsradio.diversitynewspublications.com. The show is powered and hosted on BlogTalkRadio.

About Esteban “Steven” Escobar:
Esteban A. Escobar (born in El Salvador, Central America on September 6th) is a multi-award winning American journalist, reporter, editor, columnist, writer, producer, director, publicist, radio personality, entrepreneur, accounts receivable specialist, humanitarian and philanthropist.

Esteban is known as Steven Escobar. He is the President & Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine (http://diversitynewsmagazine.com/), an online & special print consumer news magazine that is is available worldwide and is viewed freely by millions of visitors each month.

Esteban “Steven” Escobar is also the executive producer and director of Diversity News TV, the host of Diversity News Radio, on Air with Steven Escobar, and the president of Diversity News Publications, a news/entertainment multimedia firm in Hollywood, CA. Steven Escobar owns E.E.Enterprises, an affiliate of The Diversity News Publications family of companies.

Steven Escobar is currently a contributor and writer for CNN.com and a special reporter for Tehran International Weekly Magazine. Esteban “Steven” Escobar is a former official contributor/writer for the Hollywood and Los Angeles County events examiner for Examiner.com and contributor for Yahoo.com distributed via Yahoo Voices.

Steven Escobar is currently the account executive and media liaison at World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations. Steven Escobar’s current professional affiliations and memberships include being a voting member of GALECA with voting and membership rights on The Dorian Awards. Also Steven Escobar is a former member and media partner of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles Inc.

Steven Escobar also have been involved in the beauty industry. On May 20, 2011 Steven Escobar was a judge from Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011. Since 2013 to present Steven Escobar became involved with Miss Asia USA, Mrs Asia USA and Miss Teen Asia USA, Miss Latina Global, Miss Teen Latina Global and Mrs Latina Global Cultural Beauty Pageants as their Consultant Public and Media Relations for Virgelia Productions Inc.

Steven Escobar is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He has covered many prestigious events in Hollywood. Some of them are the 2009 Outstanding Emmy Awards Nominees, 2010 American Music Awards, 2011 American Music Awards, 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards Nominees Announcement, 43rd NAACP Image Awards, 44th NAACP Image Awards, 12th Annual Latin Grammys Nominees Announcement, 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards, the 2014 Golden Globe Awards and many more.

Steven Escobar also gives back to the community by helping charities. From 2003 to the present, he has been raising money and awareness for AIDS Walk LA benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles through team Diversity News 3960. Also in 2011 Steven Escobar raised money for The Life Group LA. Steven Escobar has volunteered for Exotifit For Humanity and The Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Steering Committee.

Steven was nominated for The Shorty Awards 2011 and the People’s Choice Fan Award 2012. In 2012 Steven Escobar received the Humanitarian Award at the 2012 International Noble Awards. Also on June 2, 2012 Steven Escobar Received the Community and Humanitarian Services Award at Kayamanan Bayan for all his contributions to the Filipino American community in Southern California.

On 12-12-12 Steven Escobar received an award for the Most Fascinating Person of the Year. On August 4, 2013, Steven Escobar won the 2013 EOTM (Entrepreneurs On the Move) Award for Outstanding Internet Talk Show Diversity News Radio on Air with Steven Escobar. Yahoo.com named Steven Escobar one of the Hot 500 contributors during the month of March 2012.

On March 1, 2014 Steven Escobar received the following awards from the Mayor of City of Beverly Hills: The Diversity Award Certificate of Recognition by the City of Beverly Hills City Council, and the County of Los Angeles by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles and from the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition signed by the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti for his participation and contributions to the Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA).

On 7-23-2014, Esteban Steven Escobar’s publication Diversity News Magazine by Steven Escobar is was nominated for The 2014 LGBT Hero Awards as Online Magazine of the Year 2014.

Also on November 22, 2014 Steven Escobar received a Certificate of Appreciation for his publication Diversity News Magazine from the City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the contribution and help to the 26th Annual Miss Asia USA and Mrs. Asia USA Cultural Pageants held at Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center in Redondo Beach, CA.

On January 20, 2015, Steven Escobar @DiversityNewsEE received a 2015 Nomination for Shorty Award in #category as Blogger even thought he do not consider himself a blogger.

Steven Escobar has been in the USA since 1989 and has 2 sisters and a mother. Steven Escobar currently resides in Los Angeles County in the city of Hollywood, CA. For more information visit http://stevenescobar.diversitynewspublications.com/ or his IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4164655/

Clinton H. Wallace & Christy Oldham Join Diversity News Magazine and Television Media Outlets

Christy Oldham, Steven Escobar, Clinton H WallaceHollywood, CA – February 16, 2015, Diversity News Productions, media producer of Diversity News TV and Diversity News Radio in association with Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications announced that Acclaimed celebrity photographer and indie filmmaker extraordinaire Clinton H. Wallace from PhotoMundo International has joined the Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News TV team as Celebrity Photographer & Producer.Christy Oldham, Steven Escobar, Clinton H Wallace photo

“I am so happy to officially bring Clinton H. Wallace and Christy Oldham to the Diversity News Publications Family of Companies. We started working together since September 2014 and they have impressed me with what they can do. Mr. Clinton is well known and has access to A to D list celebrities which will help our partnership to grow and help more diverse communities with their entertainment/films projects.” said Steven Escobar, President and Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine and President of Diversity News Publications.

“I am extremely pleased to be officially affiliated with Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News TV, the magazine and TV show are an integral part of the Hollywood community and it’s an honor to be a part of the Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News TV Team.” said Clinton H. Wallace from PhotoMundo International.

Steven Escobar, Christy OldhamAlso, acclaimed independent filmmaker and published author Christy Oldham from Demi Goddess Pictures has joined the Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News TV team as special celebrity red carpet host.

“Great to be on the team of Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Television.” said Christy Oldham from Demi Goddess Pictures.Steven Escobar and Actress Producer Christy Oldham

Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News TV and Diversity News Radio are currently working in growing their audiences and the company expects lots of changes for the better from their fans, partners, supporters and readership.

PhotoMundo International and Demi Goddess Pictures will produce and direct special projects for clients and other media companies. Diversity News Productions and Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group will be the distributor of the content created by utilizing Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News TV, Diversity News Radio, Diversity News Publications and their social media networks.Steven Escobar, Clinton H. Wallace

“Chirsty Oldham is a very classy and beautiful lady that is very smart in front of the camera. By having both on board that will help me to focus on other areas to make Diversity News Magazine, Diversity News TV, Diversity News Radio reach bigger masses every month. Both of them work together very well, so they will be partners in any projects related to our media companies.” concluded Mr. Escobar.

About Diversity News Magazine:
Diversity News Magazine was founded in 2009. Diversity News Magazine is an independent multi-media outlet and ItS mission and purpose is to educate and inform the diverse community worldwide. It focuses on featuring and reporting local, national and international news, entertainment, features, sports and more importantly, newsworthy items that would be of interest to our diverse cultures. Diversity News Magazine is not targetting a specific group of people. THEy work with every one that wants to work with them. For more information visit Diversity News Magazine at www.diversitynewsmagazine.com

About Diversity News Publications: Diversity News Publications the company was founded in 2003, but the website DiversityNewsPublications.com was born on June 14, 2007. Diversity News Publications, is a news/entertainment multimedia firm. Diversity News Publications media assets are:Diversity News Magazine (online), Diversity News Magazine (special limited print edition) and owns Diversity News TV on YouTube, Diversity News TV on Vimeo, Diversity News TV on Ustream.TV, Diversity News TV Networks on Dailymotion, Diversity News Radio Networks via BlogTalkRadio (online), Diversity News Hollywood (blog), Diversity News Online (blog), Diversity News Los Angeles (blog) and many more. Also Diversity News Publications owns Diversity News Productions (events/film producer), Local Celebrity Los Angeles (Online & TV Production Show), Diversity News Printing Services, Diversity Professional Business & Media Solutions Group, Diversity News 3960, Diversity Recovery Systems, owner of the following social medias Tweeter @DiversityNewsEE, Instagram @diversitynewsmagazine, Pinterest @DiversityNews, http://dispatchusa.tumblr.com, and many more. For more information visit http://www.diversitynewspublications.com

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